The content of an image is here defined as its meaning -- what has been accomplished. This is where you verify if your form meets the expectations of the concept.

The content must be constantly checked throughout the design process.



"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things but their inward significance."


The subject matter is sometimes called the content. The actual content must take the abstract meaning of the composition into consideration.




During all of the preceding operations it is important that the results of each step be checked against the concept. There may be many occasions where you can change the concept to fit the form if the project allows that kind of substitution. In most cases, however, you will need to make changes in the form to meet the expectations of the concept. The content is not just something that is checked at the end -- it is done continuously. If you have done your job correctly the content has been checked every step of the designing process. The process has only been a success when the finished product satisfies the concept.

Other people only see the end result of the design process. In the end the finished product is all that matters -- so get it right.

When evaluating your artwork be critical and honest about what you see. Try to see what others see, not what you expect or want to see. Ask others what they see and think of your image.

The color you use for the sun symbol is particularly important. It should help the image illustrate the heat and power of your sun. Make sure the color shows up like you want it to. If you use yellow against white there is a good chance the edges of the color will be difficult to see because of low value contrast.



It is unlikely that any sensitive artist is ever really "finished" with a work but all must quit sometime and move on to other projects.

Making the finished product is not just a mechanical process. Most of the designing should have been done before starting it but there are always some little things that need adjusting. At some point it is necessary to call the project done.

It is difficult to evaluate the success of a project while working on it. Physical and emotional space is helpful. Take a short break then prop the project up across the room and sit quietly while contemplating it. The distance will make the whole composition more noticeable, rather than the details. Get someone else to look and give feedback about what they see.

It is easy to overlook the rest of the page and only concentrate your attention on the image. The page and the image are both your responsibility. Make them look as good together as possible.

The design process will be used all or in part for the projects throughout the remainder of the course.


Are there any extra marks, guide lines, smears, finger prints or dirty spots that can be erased to make the composition and the book cleaner? Fix these! Is the sun symbol placed in the most appropriate place on the page? There will be more guidelines later on this subject, but for now, it should look comfortable.

Is there too much space around the image making it look lost or unimportant? Putting a border around the composition or other visual elements on the page might help. Do not compete with the subject for attention.

Is the label easy to find and clearly related to the sun symbol? The system of labeling that is chosen for this first assignment must be used throughout the Design Book. The label should feel comfortable and correct on the page.

Label the finished product SUN SYMBOL or MOON SYMBOL as appropriate.

This is the end of the first creative project.


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