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My first airbrush paintings from the early 70s were simple images like this digital image. I loved the narrow horizontal format and spectrum sequence of colors. Most were painted in paper with many different variations of landscape and seascape motifs.



In 1979 and 80 I made a series of paintings based on visions I saw during meditation. I had just been diagnosed with diabetes and was trying to use my art as a way to understand what was happening to me. This painting is about art and money.


Leucadia Vista IV

There is a place near my old house where I used to go to watch the sunset. It looked over to the next bluff and the Pacific beyond. I painted many versions of that scene -- all from my memory and imagination.


East Meets West

Pyramids and comets have always fascinated me. This piece uses both.


Sunset Remembered

Many of the airbrushed sunset pictures looked like this digital recreation. They were very abstract images that evoked a mood -- hopefully one of serenity. The attempt was to make the source of light be in the picture in two places: at the top of the sky and at the edge of the sea.


Vista Grande (study)

This little painting was a study for my largest painting. In the large painting (five by eight feet) the image was reversed to work better with the architecture of the room it was to be viewed in.


Light Changes (Folding Screen)

This was one of the last airbrushed seascapes I painted. It is a triptic put together as a folding screen with an oak frame. Each panel is 60 inches by 30 inches. We have it hung flat on the wall of our living room now.

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