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Valentine's Day Card

This was my first serious attempt at making a digital image. It is to my wife, Nancy, and was make in Adobe Illustrator 6.


Fish For Luck

A friend told us that it would bring us luck and prosperity if we put a fish in the southeast corner of our house. The fish and kelp are from pictures in the next morning's newspaper. I make this Adobe Illustrator image to bring us luck. So far, so good.



I have not painted since the 80s and missed making idyllic landscapes. This is my first attempt to do so on a computer, again using Adobe Illustrator. The dragon fly was an afterthought to give scale, movement and balance to the image.


Bug 2

The first project for my Art 240, Introduction To Computer Art class, was to draw a bug. I made this image to test out the idea. The class worked with Adobe Illustrator.


Christmas E-mail Card

I used to hand paint 10 buttons every Christmas but finally ran out of button blanks. This is the first digital version of a Christmas button design made into an e-mail Christmas Card.

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