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Sketchbook Page (Rainbows)

During the 70s and 80s I filled 18 sketchbooks and many loose leaves with drawings -- mostly sketches of painting and print ideas. This page has ideas for silk screen prints. I later painted some of these images.


Clean Air Comics

Early on I was a big fan of R. Crumb and tried my hand at drawing comics. This politically incorrect one was one of the first. This page, like the one above, was damaged in a house fire as were all of my sketchbooks.


Water Dance

For many years I drew in India ink with a technical pen (number 2 tip).This is one of a series of very detailed drawings of landscapes -- in this case water.


All Alone

This is a detail (about life size in the large linked image) of one of the ink drawings referred to above.


Cosmic Capers

When I taught Drawing II my class made a comic book. This was used as the cover. We had enough printed up to give everyone in the class a copy.



I took my classes to the zoo occasionally. This drawing was made on one of those trips. It is grease pencil on hot pressed paper smeared with an eraser -- a favorite drawing technique.



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