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Wall Clock

A fire early Christmas Eve morning, 1990, destroyed most of the contents of my house. After the house was rebuilt I needed more furniture so I started taking wood working classes in the excellent program at Palomar College. The first project there is always a clock. This one is cherry wood.


Marble Topped Cabinet

This is the first piece I designed. It has a framework of bookmatched walnut with shelves and doors of red oak. The top is dark green marble.



Fireplace and Mantle

I had put this fireplace in before the fire but the tile facing and mantle were distroyed. I rebuilt it with a design using five different granites as facing, a granite hearth with an oak mantel and trim.


Remote Control Holder

This simple but practical device was supposed to put a stop to lost remote controls. It holds them very nicely (the one laying down has a sculpted bed) but they never seem to be in it when I need them. It is made of mahogany salvaged from an old coffee table.


Hi-fi Cabinet

My father-in-law was getting rid of his old TV so we asked for its pecan wood Art Deco style cabinet. I converted it into a hi-fi cabinet with drawers for cassettes, CDs and video tapes.


Stereo Cabinet

Since my work shop was small I wanted to learn how to make furniture more by hand. This piece uses dozens of hand-cut mortis and tenon joints in the mahogany frame and hand-cut blind dovetail joints in the bird's-eye maple fronted drawers. The top two drawers are partitioned for cassettes, the bottom two for CDs.

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