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Martin Kit - HD28

The first guitar I made was from a kit. It turned out so well that I was hooked and wanted to make more. To the left is the guitar just after I strung it up for the first time -- quite a thrill.

    This is Candy Kane playing the dreadnought at a party.

OM Cutaway

One reason I started making guitars so I would have something to put inlays in. This was the first guitar I designed and make more or less from scratch. This one has a mother of pearl and abalone shell tree of life inlayed in the fingerboard and headstock.



I built this guitar for my son Scott. It has a bolt on neck (thank you Taylor Guitars). The wood was salvaged from the scrap pile at Luther's Mercantile during a dry spell they had the year earlier.



This small guitar was made in three weeks of spare time while packing for a long trip. I didn't like the travel guitar I had and thought I could do better. It is the most innovative guitar I have made. It is put together like a classical guitar with asymmetrical X bracing.


17 inch Archtop

Archtop guitars are the most difficult to build by far. This guitar was part of my sabbatical leave project so I made a book documenting its construction. It took 400 hours to make from the first design to the last polishing.

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