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Squeegee X

While I was involved with silk screen printing I tried painting directly on paper using silk screen ink and the squeegee. I eventually made a great many of these paintings and had good luck selling them. They were influenced by the paintings of Morris Lewis.



Most of the squeegee paintings were abstract but I did make a couple using human profiles.


Hard Rains Gonna Fall

At some point I realized that I had too much artwork stored, much of it junk. I threw away a lot, unstretched and rolled up a lot of paintings on canvas and recycled a lot of work on paper by collaging parts of images onto other paintings or into new paintings. This is a combination of acrylic paint and collage on paper.


Stained Glass Window

I was very interested in blowing glass and tried it for a while. When I realized how long it would take to become proficient I switched to flat (stained) glass design where my painting experience would be of more help. This window uses glass that was rolled in the glass studio at Palomar College. There are two slabs of agate in the piece.


Nancy's Birthday Card

For many years I made personalized cards for people by drawing their cartoon in ink and coloring the picture with watercolor pencils and water. This is the first card I made for my (now) wife and dance partner, Nancy.


Tyler's Birthday Card

After I started using the computer for imagery I started making cards using Adobe Photoshop to put friends' and family members' heads on other people's bodies. Usually I put the people into a painting, modifying the photo to look like part of the painting. Here I just used photographs.

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