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George Harrison

This acrylic painting was from my Masters Exhibition. The show was all colorful portraits done in a POP style. I had not discovered landscape painting yet.


Reaching For the Sky

This was one of the first easel paintings I did that really satisfied me. It is a painting that I was sorry to sell. One of the hardships of success as an artist is that some of your best work gets away from you.



This little oil painting was the only one not destroyed when my house burned in 1990. It is of my son Scott and me in my father-in-law's 1953 Hudson Hornet sedan driving the family to a Hudson car meet in Michigan in 1978. It was quite a trip!


Mother Earth

This oil painting was one of my favorites. It is based on a photograph I took near Simi Valley. When my house burned it was destroyed. That same fire destroyed over 400 slides of artwork so the few photographs I have of old paintings that were sold are from prints in photo albums.


Meeting Place

This is from a spot near the Bergman Museum (the adobe building with the giant lizard on the roof) on the road between Aguanga and Anza. It looks toward Temecula and Vail Lake.


Fern Falls

This is one of the many water falls along the Rogue River in Oregon. It is from a photograph I took on a raft trip with some river guide friends. I worked from other peoples photographs in the beginning but increasingly only from my own.


Misty Morning II

I liked the first version of this so much I painted a second. It is from a Photograph by Dewitt Jones.



This tree is on Mount San Jacinto. I went on a hike with Harry Bliss and friends and painted many pictures from photos I took that day. It was originally titled "Rock Topper."


San Jacinto Sunrise

This painting is based on a photo I shot out of the car window on my way to go skiing early one winter morning. It uses the extreme horizontal format that I enjoy for landscapes.


Vermilion Cliffs 1947

This is ny first easel painting in almost 15 years. It is from a photo I found in a 1947 Arizona Highways magazine. We had been through this area the previous October, so the image resonated with me.

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