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  Paul Butterfield

This is the first silk screen print I ever made. It is based on a painting that was part of my Masters Exhibition. There are something like sixteen colors using tracing paper stencils. I started out to make twenty prints and ended up with ten. It was a learning experience.


Rainbow Cloudscape

This was my first critically successful print. It won prizes in a couple of national print and drawing shows. Because of that I thought for a while about being a printmaker. This print uses metallic powder mixed with the ink in the reflections.


Pipe Dream

This is one of a small series exploring dimensional illusions and opening up the format. Love that RED!


Saturday Night Special

I made a large number of prints using many different colors combinations with this image. I was disgusted with the amount of violence and the ease of purchasing a gun.



This is a combination etching and engraving. I wanted to try my hand at engraving and this was the second attempt.



This was my first attempt at aquatint. I used an airbrush to apply resist to get the gradual transitions in value.


Cloth of Gold

I admired its design on a small Cloth Of Gold shell we had. This print is a combination of engraving and dry point. It was inspired by a Rembrandt print that I saw reproduced.

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