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Jim Saw

I was active as a painter and printmaker from when I finished graduate school in 1968 until I got my job at Palomar College in 1973. During that time I was represented in seven art museum sales and rental galleries from La Jolla to San Francisco. I also showed in seven commercial galleries from San Diego to Minneapolis.

I feel very fortunate to have had the job I had teaching art at Palomar College. It gave me the chance to explore my own interests and at the same time concentrate on helping others understand and make art.

When I started teaching I thought of my self as a painter who taught. Later I realized that I was more of a teacher who painted. Later I understood that I was a teacher first and a whole lot of other things second -- painter, craftsman, luthier, dancer.......in short a dilettante, or if you are feeling generous, a Renaissance man.

During the nineteen eighties I became active painting again. I had recently been diagnosed as a diabetic and used my art as a way of understanding what was happening to me. The Knowles Gallery in La Jolla represented me and I had good success selling airbrush seascapes and oil and acrylic landscape paintings. The gallery was sold in 1989 and I quit showing there.

In 1990 a fire destroyed part of my house, much of the furniture and many favorite artworks. I was bored with painting by then and decided to try my hand at something practical. In the excellent furniture making classes at Palomar College I learned how to work with wood and made furniture.

During that time I developed an interest in guitar making (lutherie) and after visiting Taylor Guitar's factory in El Cajon and Martin Guitars in Pennsylvania I bought a Martin guitar kit. That guitar turned out well so I made four more from scratch. Soon I had a house full of guitars (I bought and repaired some as well).

The last guitar was part of a sabbatical leave project so I bought my son a new computer and took over his old black and white screened wood burning Macintosh to write the paper. I became fascinated with the computers so bought my son a better one when he started college and took over his Macintosh Performa. Several computer upgrades later I am deeply into cyber space and digital imagery.

In 1998 I started teaching computer art and wrote a text for my Design and Composition class and put it on the Internet.

In December, 2002, I retired from teaching after 30 years at Palomar College. They say life is short but art is large, and so it seems. I am looking forward to what will come next. . . . . . . .


"The unmemiored life, is it worth living?" . . . . Garrison Keillor

If the short version of my life was not enough to satisfy your curiosity, there is more.






B. A. San Diego State College (now University)



M. A. San Diego State College - Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society






San Diego State College

1973- 2002

Palomar College - Professor
1978-80, 89, 95

Chairman, Art Department, Palomar College


Co-director, Boehm Gallery, Palomar College



Who's Who Among America's Teachers






San Diego Art Guild, "Southern California 6" (award)


San Diego State College, "2nd Annual National Print Show" (award)

Southern California Exposition - aka Del Mar Fair (Best in Show award)


La Jolla Museum of Art (Sales and Rental Gallery), One Person

The Fine Arts Gallery (San Diego Museum of Art), Museum Collection

Esther Robles Gallery, Los Angeles, Group Show

Georgia State University, "1st Annual National Print Exhibition" (award)

Northern Illinois University, "3rd Annual Print and Drawing Show" (award)


Laguna Beach Art Association, "All California Exhibition" (award)

San Diego Art Guild, "California-Hawaii Regional"


State University, Oneonta, New York, "Printmakers 20," Invitational

Laguna Beach Art Association Gallery, Three Person

Jewish Community Center, San Diego, Two Person

San Marino Library, One Person


Glazer Gallery, La Jolla, One Person

Mallory and Associates, La Jolla, Two Person

San Diego Art Institute, "26th Annual Exhibition"

San Diego Museum of Art (Sales and Rental Gallery), One Person

1982, 85, 89

Knowles Gallery, La Jolla, One Person Shows
1983, 84, 86

Knowles Gallery, La Jolla, Group Shows
1982, 83, 85

Del Mar Fair

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