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La Jolla

While I was still in college I loved watercolors. I think it goes back to some I saw at a friend of my parents' house when I was a kid. This one was painted from the rocks north of Scripps pier.


The First Rainbow

This little study was the first in a series of rainbow paintings and prints that spanner several years. Later paintings eliminated the land forms and concentrated on the rainbow and clouds reflected in the water.



I made many versions of this image as well. They started out as ink drawings but later I painted in the colors using a variety of techniques.


Front Porch

During the 70s I taught watercolor painting. I found many of my subjects near to home. This is one of a series of small paintings of views around my old house.


Kathy No No

When I taught watercolor painting we would go on field trips to Oceanside Harbor.That is where this was painted. There were always a lot of on lookers. When they became pests I would flick my paint brush (to straighten it) at there feet. It usually worked.


Tube Sky

Around 1975 I painted a series of abstracts. Most were based loosely on landscapes. I used gouache to paint in the black sky shapes. On other paintings those sky shapes were dark colors, some with textures.


Batiquitos Lagoon (top) and North Side (bottom)

I tried my hand at watercolors again in the late 80s. These are two views from opposite sides of the Batiquitos Lagoon. The extreme horizontal format of the top one fascinated me.


Oakland Hills

This little watercolor tinted drawing is the first painting that I tried since my retirement. It based on a series of photographs I took on a recent trip to Wine Country. I wanted to ease myself back into easel painting by trying lots of drawings and paintings on paper.

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